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To view the SCSN interactive station map, click below:

Interactive SCSN Station Map

The clickable station map (link shown above) is an interactive SCSN station map that has more functionality than the static station map shown below. The interactive SCSN Station Map also provides a histogram plot of available waveform data. The plot displays yearly, monthly, daily, and hourly data available for download through the Southern California Earthquake Data Center (SCEDC).

The station map shown below is different from the Interactive SCSN Station Map above. To zoom in to the Los Angeles region below, click inside of the box.

Station Map copyright 2005, California Institute of Technology. Permission required to reproduce or use this map in any way. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

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Credit: The SCSN thanks Vickie Appel, SCEDC Manager, and Ellen Yu , SCEDC Database Administrator, for writing the catalog generation portion, in addition to creating the linked "clickable station map".

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