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SCSN Stations

There are more than 350 seismic stations within the Southern California Seismic Network. These few pages describe the station site selection criteria, the station equipment (including seismometers, dataloggers, etc), photos of the equipment/sites, and finally how the stations are set up to provide one of the fastest automated response times of any seismic network. Nearly all seismic networks assist each other, since all have the common goal in progressing toward a better future by mitigating seismic hazards. This is the reason that SCSN has worked so closely with the Northern California Seismic Network (NCSN) to create the California Integrated Seismic Network (CISN).

California and western Nevada by the numbers (as of June 2002):

  • 614 short-period sensors 198 broadband sensors 1563 strong-motion sensors (~460 without communications)708 instrumented structures (lifelines, dams, buildings)
  • 38 borehole installations

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