Earthquake activity 31 Aug 2015

Stats are computed at the end of each day UTC (currently 5pm PDT) for the preceding 24 hour period.

  • Number of events: 31
  • Magnitude range: 0.29 - 2.93

The plot shows the total number of earthquakes recorded per day (UTC) above different magnitude thresholds. The number varies depending on the detection capabilities of the network and seismic activity levels. Swarms or aftershock sequences can cause spikes in the daily rate.

Earthquake activity this week

Use the graph and map below to explore this week's earthquake activity in southern California. For further information, links will take you to the USGS page for each event. Events are color-scaled by the time they occurred (blue is early in the period, red is late) and size-scaled by their magnitude. For a version with interactive faults shown, Click Here.

Fast facts:

Live Earthquake Tweets Follow @CaltechQuake

@CaltechQuake tweets automatic earthquake notifications in real-time that have not been reviewed by a seismologist. Messages are only sent for events larger than M2.75. Results are subject to change or deletion.